Smart Money

Berkshire Community Foundation

The Berkshire Community Foundation, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Reading RG7 4SA connects charitable donors with worthwhile local groups and causes. Individual and corporate giving and philantrophy is at the heart of what they are about. Visit the website to find out more and read about their many case studies.

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding has become a popular way of raising funds using the internet to connect to people with an interest in your project who might want to help. is a good starting point to find out more.

The Good Exchange is one of the few online funding and fundraising platforms that is wholly-owned by a charity. Greenham Trust runs The Good Exchange to help funders in its local area give and receive grants quickly and efficiently.

Just Giving is an online platform where you can choose a charity to donate a set sum each month or set up your own cause.

Local Giving is another way to donate to local causes, eg the SEEDS Trust (Slough) has been a beneficiary though not accepting at the moment.


Ethical Banking

The Good Shopping Guide‘s most recent Ethical Banks and Building Societies Ethical Ratings Table places Triodos Bank top of the league scoring 100%.  Triodos has been regarded as the leader in social and ethical lending for over 30 years in the UK.  


Naturesave Trust offer personal and commercial insurance products with an environmental ethos:



Castlefield (previously the Gaeia Partnership) offers independent advice on green, ethical, environmentally friendly and social responsible investment funds.

Shared Interest is the world’s only 100% fair trade lender, a UK based co-operative owned by its 8000+ members/investors.  The Ethical Investment Co-operative Ltd offers ethical and environmental pensions and investments. Visit their website at

Pension Schemes
Company pension schemes must state their ethical stance – or not as the case may be.  Further information on ethical pensions :